PreciousFlo Sink-Top Ceramic Water Purifier
PreciousFlo incorporate world-class Doulton® UltraCarb Ceramic candle that are long lasting, self-sterilizing and use 100% natural elements for filtering. The filter does not remove minerals from water that are beneficial to health. Features lifetime food grade luxury stainless steel housing, having a PreciousFlo filter system installed gives you peace of mind that you are drinking high quality water.

Mains-Fed Filtered Water Fountains
Our Plumbed-in home/office coolers and fountains are the coolest in town with their sleek design, built in PreciousFlo filter you will be wondering why it took you so long to get one installed. For a continuous flow of a never ending clean, safe, hygienic water 24/7…the way it ought to be.

No More buying bottled water, Never run out of pure water again, No more storing, lifting heavy plastic water bottles

Delta Magnetic Water Conditioners
There are several models of the Delta Clamp-One Water Filtration Treatment unit for pipes ranging in size from 12 millimetres to 50 millimetres.

Each model is designed to achieve a desired water treatment solution for your specific problem caused by salinity, high mineral content, hardness or iron.

The Delta Small Pipes units are Clamp On They are manufactured in two halves to fit over your existing small pipe. They work on pipes of non-magnetic material, simply place the two halves over the pipe and bolt together.

Bottle-Less Table Top Coolers/Dispensers
Counter top water cooler with RO purifier system.
Cold and hot water
33(W) x 32(D) x 50(H) cm
Cold Tank: 3.5 Liter
Hot Tank: 2 Liter
Safety device for hot water tap

PreciousFlo 2000 Ceramic filter module
PreciousFlo 2000 is a 6 element ceramic filter module that installs inside Big Blue type water filter housing. Typically used as a whole house water filter, and is a great alternative to UV water treatment systems since it does not require electricity. Ceramic filters are impregnated with silver to prevent bacterial growth. Filters can be cleaned with a brush or scotch bright pad when dirty to restore flow.

Harmsco Industrial Up-Flow Cartridge Housings
This product is designed with a patented Up-flow technology which prevents the accumulation of air inside the filter housing keeping the filter operating at 100%.Filter cartridges from 7 - 200 units per housing.

304 stainless steel construction, standard Electropolished finish, standard 150 psi (10.3 bar) pressure rating Individual studs for safe, secure lid closure Easy cartridge installation, removal and service Extensive choice of cartridge micron ratings and media. 

All filter housings hydrostatically tested Flow Rates from 30 gpm up to 800 gpm. (gallon per minute).


Automated Pure Water Sealing Machine
The VP-1500 is made of stainless steel and guarantees production sanitation. This machine is automatically controlled by photocell and microprocessor. It can fill, cut the nylon, count the sealed quantity, and with the ability to print on the product.

It is claimed by the manufacturers to be one of the most advanced liquid packaging machines available. The machine's complete packing process includes ultraviolet sterilization and Bag–forming. And can also perform tasks such as: dosing sealing, date printing, counting, and cutting. All these can be accomplished by the machine and is controlled automatically.

Again, it uses single lay film PE as packaging materials. It can automatically sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, bag molding, print code on product, precisely fill the content, seal perfectly and cut at the same time.

Solar DC Submersible Water Pump
Solar DC Submersible Water Pump, Lift(head) 10m (32ft), 10L/min, 2.6GPM, with built-in water level sensor

Features:- Powered by solar panel or wind turbine, Operates directly by solar panel connection without or with 12V battery, Built-in water level sensor to stop the pump if no water, Easy installation, Low Maintenance, Suitable for remote location without electricity, Centrifugal pump. Will Pump water from river, lake, pond or well for drinking and farming

Pump Specification: Flow rate: 600L/hr(158GPH) at 10M (32ft) deep, Power: 120W (12Vdc), Length: 35 cm (14 inches), Diameter: 7.5cm (3 inches), Cable length: 2m, Voltage input: 8.5VDC ~ 16VDC. Direct solar panel connection without battery, minimum 190W 12V solar panel. Vm<18V, solar panel maximum Voc <23V.Suggested solar panel size with battery, 100W to 250W depending on operating hours.


CHARM P.O.U Water Coolers/Dispensers
Built-in 4 stage RO system for cold,room and hot drinking water!

  • Microprocessor control
  • Easy access all the controls and filter cartridges
  • Independent Hot/Cold power switches
  • Re-heating up to 100°C
  • Built-in 4 stage RO system
  • Tri-Temp; room, cold and hot water supply
  • Automatic heating shutoff when hot tank is empty
  • 2.5 gallon capacity reservoir
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